by Dirty Wings



Colorado summer’s callin’ my restless heart to testify
New York City is my lover with brick and mortar set a blaze
She feels it coming summer’s warning, sun is setting on the plains
And Sorrow’s horses are in the mountains with the Devil at the reigns
And in these cowboy bars there are wanted men playing guitars
Singing outlaw songs and getting drunk
In the Colorado bars there are killers with shattered hearts
Shedding whisky tears till the sun comes up

On a roof-top of a motel, telephone calls till the dawn
Romantic movies can’t occupy me, my troubled mind is wide awake
I went to the mountain, drove through the valley, sought my solace in the desert sky
It was there that I knew it was over, as the ghost-town sands slipped through my hands
And in these desert stars there is hope and there are scars
The coyotes cry and nothing kills the pain
And I’ll cut you some desert flowers, talk with you till the witching hour
And tell you I’m coming home on the morning train
On the mourning train! Let’s go!

Month of August in New York City, on a roof-top near heart-break’s ledge
One last dance before I tell her Colorado’s where I lost my love
My love for her, my love for her, my love for her


released March 13, 2015
Lyrics by Sam Rasiotis. Music by Sam Rasiotis, John Coakley, Sean Wiggins. Recorded by Travis Harrison. Photo by John Coakley.



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